Hi you ! I'm Marion, 23 and I am french. This blog is 70% yoga, 20% hooping and 10% food/ cats/cute animals/useless posts about my life.

Handstand when I wake up,

Handstand when boiling water for my tea, handstand waiting to leave for work, handstand at lunch break, handstand when going to the toilets, handstand when coming back from work, handstand waiting for my dinner to be ready, handstand when heating up my dinner because I spent too much time doing handstands, handstand during commercials, handstand before going to bed, handstand in my dreams. Handstand.Bonne visite !

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Day 240 of my 365 handstand : I don’t know darkness

Day 240 of my 365 handstand : I don’t know darkness

Anonymous asked: Why are people being so rude? And omg that person said fruit gives you diabetes. I have type 1 diabetes and nothing upsets me more than reading shit about diabetes. And let me tell you something actually fruit doesn't affect my blood sugars AT ALL not even bananas, so that's bullshit. Marion, don't let their words put you off you actually inspired me to eat more raw/vegan food(I'm vegetarian)

I don’t know. I think people where disturbed by how I reacted to the first anon because I usually don’t show my temper ( I usually have no reason to). I think most of my follower are there to see pictures of yoga and well, idk.

Thank you for your kind words <3

skeleton-scale asked: Some people like fruit, some like pizza. It's every person to themselves so to all the anons giving you hate, don't let them rain on your parade! You go girl!


Anonymous asked: Only 80% of your diet is fruit? That's too little, isn't it? You can't possibly get all the nutrition you need from such a limited diet. You need at least 96.7% fruit to be healthy. Don't settle for stuff from concentrate either.

Hahahaha :D

dess-ire asked: I advice for people to actually read into the Raw Till 4 "diet"/lifestyle and see no harm has been done through it. As for you, ignore the messages if they annoy you.


Anonymous asked: I'm unfollowing you selfish anorexic bitch

I could argue and tell you how everything about this message is wrong, but I’ll just go with fuck you

PS : I know who you are 

Anonymous asked: Seriously? I mean really? Yes, eating a diet of 80% fruit is awful for you, how can it not be? The same thing for eating a diet of 80% ANYTHING from vegetables to grains to protein. Variety is what keeps the human body balanced, and you need every food group in your diet to stay healthy. Eating just one or two is kind of childish. "You can't survive from eating burgers everyday, but you can't survive from eatings salads everyday either".

This is starting to be really annoying. If you don’t think this is healthy then don’t eat that way but let me do what I want. 

Anonymous asked: That anon didn't tell you to stop eating fruit. They gave sound advice that seemed to be caring by saying don't over do it. They didn't say stop they weren't directly telling you how to live you're life. It is genuinely a good piece of advice. Fruit and vegetables are delicious and so good for you but there is such a thing as too little too less

Considering 80% of my diet consists of fruit, saying “noooo you shouldn’t eat that much fruit” is like telling how to live my life. Again, you have the right to think what you want, but don’t come at me telling me this and that, when you know I believe the opposite and didn’t ask for advice.
Now if you’re ok, I would like to stop on that topic. I don’t want any more debate on my blog. Thank you.

Anonymous asked: Nooooo! You shouldn't eat too much fruit because it's really high in sugar and too much sugar will make you gain weight. Everything is good in moderation.



1. This isn’t true

2. Don’t tell me what I should do I didn’t ask for your opinion

3. I won’t stop eating fruit because it “will make me gain weight”. I eat for my physical and mental health not my appearance

4. I’m so tired of people thinking gaining weight is the worst thing that could happen to me

5. Unsolicited advice isn’t good even in moderation


What that anon mentioning diabete (watch this btw) ? Are you obliged to write all in caps? Do you know me so you can make assumptions like I am “close minded”?

I want to do a world tour, swim with dolphins, go to Nicaragua and learn yoga with Meghan Currie. 

yay cool thank you i&#8217;m flattered :)

yay cool thank you i’m flattered :)

Anonymous asked: Hey!! I was wondering how you did your transition to vegan? And what you eat in a regular day, or week? If you have some kind of schedule? I'm planning on becoming a vegan and I don't know what I should eat or What my body needs... Thankk you sooo soo much!!

hey  !

It’s funny because at first I thought vegans were so extreme and I thought everyone was doing it to restrict themselves and that it wasn’t for me at all. Idk, I started seeing vegan food on my dashboard, from mayur-asana for example, and obviously she is an inspiration and far from being extreme about her diet.
I started considering that maybe I was wrong. She reblogged vegan meals that looked delicious so I checked theses people’s blogs and I started getting curious. On the meantime I saw people posting facts about cruelty and this opened my eyes. I started doing more research, and idk it’s hard to explain, veganism went into my life. Unconsciously, I stopped eating meat, but still ate cheese.

More and more recipes on hand, I finally made a vegan mac and cheese, it was delicious. I posted it on Tumblr and an anon asked me if I was a vegan. I said no, “but I consider being one soon”. I typed that without thinking, like it had been in my head for a long time. Realization haha. I thought “hey I should do an experiment and try to eat vegan for a day”

The next day was my first day of veganism, and since then I haven’t eaten any animal product. :)

I don’t have any schedule. At first I had, this helped me.

I recently transitionned to a high fruit vegan diet, because you know, fruit :D. But before, I had a traditional vegan diet and my days looked like this :

Breakfasts :

- Oatmeal with nut butter and fruit

- or french toast with maple syrup and fruit

- cereal, fruit…

Lunches :

- Salad with hummus

- pasta with veggies

- tofu scramble with veggies

I almost always had fruit on the side

Snacks :

- Fruit and nuts/nut butter

- Chocolate and fruit

- granola bar

- dried fruit

- smoothie

- baked goods

Dinner :

- Potatoes

- Pasta/rice

- vegetable curry

- Soup

- Falafel

- Salad… Like lunch

Eat veggies, leafy greens, chickpeas, sesame seeds for iron and calcium, lemon for vitamin c (helps iron absorption). Eat a variety of things to get everything you need.
As long as you eat enough you’ll wont be missing on anything. The only vitamin you can’t get and need to supplement yourself is B12. You can get it in fortified foods such as soy/almond milk ( don’t have in France), or nutritional yeast. I personally take a pill.

One more thing : follow vegan-yums on Tumblr ! She gives great advice and all the recipes are amazing and from amazing blogs with even more amazing recipes !

HAve fun and if it isn’t clear don’t hesitate to ask me !

Anonymous asked: tbh you showed a lot of backbone to those anons and it kinda makes me wanna stop taking peoples shit more often, ya know? anyway, have a nice night!

I’m sorry I don’t know what your first sentence means :s “you showed a lot of backbone to those anons”

Anonymous asked: That was actually very helpful indeed!(: I somehow stop breathing when being upside down and i tried to breathe carefully and it really helped, so thank you ❤️❤️:*

Oh yes coool ! :)

happy-as-niellen asked: Pour les français sur ton blog: NE FAITES PAS DE COMMENTAIRES SUR LA MANIERE DE MANGER OU DE BOUGER OU DE PARLER OU DE VIVRE DES GENS. C'est personnel chacun fait ce qui lui chante parceque merde quoi

Parce que merde quoi ! <3