Hi you ! My name is Marion, I'm 23 but I look 12. I want to be a graphic designer. I am always upside down and I show off on Tumblr. I am a cat.

Handstand when I wake up,

Handstand when boiling water for my tea, handstand waiting to leave for work, handstand at lunch break, handstand when going to the toilets, handstand when coming back from work, handstand waiting for my dinner to be ready, handstand when heating up my dinner because I spent too much time doing handstands, handstand during commercials, handstand before going to bed, handstand in my dreams. Handstand.Bonne visite !
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Anonymous asked: What is this "insanity"? Could you tell more about it pls? :)

It’s a 60 days workout and it’s super hard hahaha. Apparently you become super strong and gain endurance super fast.




Anonymous asked: I just love your taste in music! I know you answered one like this awhile ago, but do you have any other songs/artists that you could recommend?

thankyou !!! Lately i’ve been obsessed with Chet Faker, Flume, Ed Sheeran and still super in love with Little People, Emancipator and Dr Toast. I love listening to Dexter Britain too.ย 

Anonymous asked: what are your favorite colors to paint your nails?

Dark red/almost black: ย #imsoclassy

Anonymous asked: I'm making care packages for my friends and am running out of ideas for what to put in them! Any ideas? :) xo

Ohhh that’s nice ! Tea bags and chocolate for alone nights watching a movie, warm socks, nail polish, bubble bath thing that smells good???

Anonymous asked: I love you a LOT kisses and hugs I hope you're having a lovely day!!!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–โœจ

So much love aww I don’t deserve this thank you and love and kisses and hugs back to you lovely person <333


Ahh look what one of my friends got me for my birthday! nivueniconnue opal-design yay :))

WHAAATTT it is a surprise for me too !! Yay I hope you love it <3

Anonymous asked: how do you look so freaking good after running !? please never feel bad about your looks ever again you´re so beautiful . x

aw you’re an angel but I didn’t take the picture right away after haha! I was red, covered in bugs bite and my hair was fuzzy when I just came back from my run. You’re lovely <3

I’m not too sad about the end of summer because Autumn means crispy leaves, beautiful colors, scarves and pretty socks in my boots.

I RAN FOR 33 MINUTES WITH A 3 MINUTE WALK, average pace 10km/h

Anonymous asked: Do you know when you're starting insanity? Good luck keeping up with it! I was gonna start today but the red tsunami happened so postponed it a couple of days.

Yes I’m starting tomorrow morning! I’m excited about the challenge :::)))

Anonymous asked: I'm a graphic designer and it is one hard field of work to get into

Oh how I know that ! I’m not losing hope, one day maybe !

I’m doing insanity with two friends omg

Anonymous asked: Freeze! You're under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful :) xx


Anonymous asked: Thank u again โค๐Ÿ˜Š

Aw you’re way too cute ! <3