Morning craziness

I corrected the light, buddy

Anonymous asked :

Were you flexible before you started doing yoga?

No, I became more flexible by practicing yoga !

Anonymous asked :

Do have any ideas on how I can start doing yoga at home?:)

Yes, with books, youtube,, yoga journal, free trial on yogaglo. If you have access to a yoga studio, go !

Anonymous asked :

Do you have any specific stretches for after you run to prevent shin splits? I love running and yoga so I kinda want to incorporate them together :)

Anonymous asked :

Where do you get your leggings that go all the way around your heels? Those look comfortable, just curious(:

Hum, most of my leggings are from Lidl or cheap stores, and my coral pink ones are from ZIB textile on Etsy

Anonymous asked :

How did you know when you were ready for sex? (You did say be nosy!)

I don’t know, I think it came naturally, I was comfortable with the person.

Anonymous asked :

you should try yin yoga sometime! it is really relaxong and it feels really good for the bloodstreams in your body and stuff! it is like deep stretching yoga, it is really nice :))

Thank you for the suggestion! I definitely will :)

Anonymous asked :

Hi Marion, do you ever get lower back pain from yoga? I get it a lot, and I also tend to get super sore from doing the splits. Do you practice every day? And do you know anything that helps against soreness? :)

Hi ! Yes I do and it is often because I put my ego first, and/or didn’t warm up enough. Same for your splits, if your hamstrings hurt, it is probably because you were not warmed up enough or push too hard. 
Since I work, I can’t have a full practice everyday, but I still find time to relax, stretch and play with poses.


Anonymous asked :

You are amazing :))

meow I love you whoever you are

Anonymous asked :

Hey lovely! I was wondering what your fav type of yoga is and what is your favourite pose? :)


My type of yoga is Hatha vinyasa, but it is the only yoga I’ve done so I can’t really tell. When I love something you know… I want to try different types though.

Anonymous asked :

Hi Marion, I have never really practiced yoga but I have tried some by my one, I have researched about it and I just wanted to ask you why do you practice it? and what benefits it has brought to your life?

I answered this question yesterday :) I practice because it makes me feel good in my mind and my body, because I love to play, to challenge myself and because it became a part of my life.