Hi you !
My name is Marion, I'm 23 but I look 12. I want to be a graphic designer. I am always upside down and I show off on Tumblr. I am a cat.

Handstand when I wake up,

Handstand when boiling water for my tea, handstand waiting to leave for work, handstand at lunch break, handstand when going to the toilets, handstand when coming back from work, handstand waiting for my dinner to be ready, handstand when heating up my dinner because I spent too much time doing handstands, handstand during commercials, handstand before going to bed, handstand in my dreams. Handstand.Bonne visite !

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It’s time for me to shred my ear hahaha

It’s so nice outside ! :) I am happy


Chocolate banana ice cream for lunch omg. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s sooo creamy nom nom miammmmm. ALL 650 grams of this beauty for me, just ME.

For the bearded dragon howlingjack

Haha ‘rad’? I’m going to have to hear you say that in your french accent 😉

hahaha you will, and soon

Anonymous asked: aaaah boys! they say women are complicated! Most of my friends are boys and they have more mood swings than a pregnant woman.

Same !! I don’t understand haha. Thankfully they are not all like that ! I found the perfect man anyways :P ;)

And howlingjack is pretty rad too 

I’m not nervous about the pain of tragus piercing but I feel like I should haha !

By the way, my friend who is my coworker likes me again. Yesterday we spent the entire evening laughing and joking. I don’t know how boys function.

Anonymous asked: Boys are confusing. Keep your chin up, or your legs because you're in a handstand, it's whatever :)

" Keep your chin up, or your legs because you’re in a handstand " omg love that I’m laughing !! He still wants to go for a drink, with my boyfriend " forget about what I said about the friendship part, we can still go for a drink. No problem for me"

Hum, a problem for me.

I’m too naïve.
The ex-boyfriend of one of my friends asked me for a drink several times and last night he texted me, asking if we were going just us two or with A., my boyfriend.
I said with A, like “that’s what we planned, no?”. He answered, saying the situation was a little weird, but it was “his fault because he asked me for a drink knowing I had a boyfriend while he doesn’t believe much in men/woman friendship”.
Yeah, more ambigus you die. Like his intention from the beginning was to date me??

I really thought we were just friends. :s

TSHJFBKSDGLR I just got a text ” Sorry it’s my bad guy side emerging :)”


Day 244, 245 and 246 of my 365 handstand : Out with my boy. 

Anonymous asked: Maybe you actually should try acting.. You look like someone I would see on a screen in a movie theatre.

Omg ahhhhhhhh !!!! :) :)))) Acting is something I have always been interested by but I don’t know if I can haha !

Anonymous asked: Hi! First off, you're gorgeous and you are a really big inspiration to me 😊 I want to ask you if you could give any advice to someone who has never really tried yoga before, and what to start with and how to get the breathing down? Is there a trick to it? Thanks! I love your blog also!:)

HI ! Whe n I started yoga I had never done it before either. I started by copying poses which where way too advanced so I don’t recommend doing that but instead try to learn basic poses. get familiar with sun salutations. Take classes on youtube, they are free and there are really good ones ! I love Erin Motz, she has a 30 days challenge on Doyouyoga. I also love Yoga with Adriene and Yoga by Candace. As for breathing, check this on Doyogawithme ( also a free and great website with videos) 


Good luck, have fun and thank you ! :)

Anonymous asked: With the tragus piercing just make sure you don't touch it. Soak it with distilled water twice a day. Because of the location of the piercing, some people get something called a keloid, which is hyper scarring. It happened to me. Go to the dermatologist and they can get rid of it

Thank you for the advice :) :) ! 

I’m so super in love with my hair I want to take millions of selfies.